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Ballet for Children & Pre-Professionals

San Diego Ballet LessonsPre-Ballet & Kinder Ballet

This program is carefully designed for preschoolers and kindergartners. It specifically meets the developmental needs during these precious years. An emphasis is placed on musicality, coordination and inspires the young student to fall in love with ballet.

The cost for the Pre-Ballet and Kinder Ballet programs are $150 per 10-week quarter



Young Dancers

Students in first grade and up are placed into the appropriate level based on their age, maturity and the expertise of each student. Tuition is based on a 10-week quarter.

Ballet 1

2 hours per week
Savings $25/quarter

Ballet 2

3 hours per week
Savings $35/quarter

Ballet 3

6 hours per week
Savings $75/quarter

Ballet 4

7 1/2 hours per week
Savings $75/quarter

Ballet 5

8 1/2 hours per week
Savings $92/quarter

Ballet 6

10 1/2 hours per week
Savings $137/quarter

Pre-Professional Program

This program has been created for students who are truly serious about their ballet training and may be considering pursuing a career as a ballet dancer. The students in this program take classes on a daily basis.

The curriculum includes Ballet Technique, Pointe, Variations and Contemporary and Pas de Deux.

City Ballet of San Diego Trainee ProgramTrainee Program

The City Ballet of San Diego has a two year Trainee Program for hand selected students dancing at a pre-professional level. This program serves as a stepping stone from advanced student to professional dancer. A strong emphasis is placed on technical strength and artistry. Students from this program are often invited to dance with the City Ballet of San Diego in the corps de ballet.

10-Week Quarters

1st Quarter: Sept 3 – Nov 9
2nd Quarter: Nov 11 – Dec 21, Jan 6 – Feb 1
3rd Quarter: Feb 3 – Apr 11
4th Quarter: Apr 13 – Jun 20

Payment Policy: Tuition is due and payable the first week of the quarter to avoid a 10% late fee. Fees are based on ten weekly classes per quarter. An installment payment schedule is available for tuitions over $500 per quarter. Missed classes due to holidays, illness or vacations may be made up in an appropriate class within a quarter. There are no refunds, nor can classes be applied to subsequent quarter’s tuition. It is necessary to notify the office if a class must be missed, changing a class schedule or when discontinuing. All fees are due until the office is notified of any class being dropped.

Classes may not be transferred to another person.

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